Friday, 5 September 2014

Where We Are In The World

With all this discussion of NATO expenditure and the Russians sabre rattling, it suggests that we may all have to spend more on the defence of Europe .... So if military might is still the big stick that places a country in the world, then this picture illustrates whose got the biggest Cojones at the big table ....

Hey Big Spender .....

What's interesting is that even in these straightened times, the USA still spends what the next 12 nations  officially spend on defence. I say 'officially', as many suspect that China, and maybe Russia as well, spend more than they officially admit to, but those estimates are in this graphic.

Of course its what 'bang you get for your buck' that counts, so for instance Chinas dollar equivalent buys a lot more domestically, so they get a lot for arithmetically less, while the UK, with its plane-less aircraft carriers, gets comparatively less for more. It will be interesting to see these figures in ten years time, when, if all the economic projections are true, China will be the big boy on the block ....

Certainly, Japan is worrying, because its announced annual increases in military spending for both the last, and next few years, and will overtake France in a few years time.


  1. The Chinese are never going to promote anything except their own national interests. The Red Dragon rises.

    1. Well certainly in the China Sea, a title they are apparently taking literally. Thanks for the comment.


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