Friday, 25 January 2013

No Business like Mafiosa Business

We in this blog have touched on this story in other posts because it seems that in Italy, as well as the usual government Department of Trade and Industry, which looks to try and support mainstream businesses, there is also a special Government Department, which has to take over businesses that have been set up by organised crime aka the 'Mafia' or 'Camorra', usually in order to launder hot money, or even just to give 'legal' jobs to members of the mobsters families.

San Marcellino-Based 'Euromilk' Was A Mafia Business

What makes this interesting is that, because so many of these businesses fail when the state takes them over, with just a few exceptions able to stand on their own feet (such as the San Marcellino-based 'Euromilk'), that it actually breeds resentment amongst the local populations, where there is an expression "The state fires people, while the Camorra gives jobs" .... it would be funny really, if it wasn't so deadly.

Its on little things like this, that the success of attempts to eradicate organised crime in Italy may hang ....

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