Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nefertiti - Eternal Beauty

I, like many people own a small copy of the statue of Nefertiti, the Queen of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten ..... its black, and shows her bust as whole and complete, with her ears and missing eye repaired. You can buy many representations of the original bust, some very gaudy indeed, but the best, are faithful copies, in colour etc, but to my eyes too faithful.

I do not subscribe to the modern trends of not repairing antiques, leaving gold goblets in the crushed state which they left the ground ..... its an affectation brought in by Western archaeologists and means that instead of seeing things as the ancients wanted them seen, we see them as broken and have to rely on artists impressions.

This is rubbish .... anyone seeing the Great Wall of China is impressed .... but in fact its mostly a modern repair of what would otherwise been a ruin, while we have Hadrian's Wall, which is mostly lying in ruins.  Can you imagine the Chinese leaving it, or Stonehenge in ruins, when they could be restored back to life? Stonehenge for example could have all the cap stones put back, and the fallen sentry stones put back upright and would be nearly complete again ..... how magical would that be?

Stonehenge before the Victorian repairs

In fact the Victorians, who were not the lily livered PC ridden society that we are, actually created the version of Stonehenge that we see now .... they just didn't have the technology to complete the task and we have undertaken major repairs in 1919 and 1958

Repairs to Stonehenge in 1919 and 1958

But we just haven't gone the whole hog and completed the task.

Oh and Nefertiti, well I have added the suitable repairs to the original using Paint Shop Pro and now you can see what I mean by Eternal Beauty.

Nefertiti an Eternal Beauty Restored

NB: A side thought, this painted stone is how all statues in the ancient world looked .... yep, that includes all those white marble nudes in the museums, and friezes over doorways such as the Elgin Marbles. The ancient world was a riot of colour and murals, that make our cities look tame.


  1. I prefer the idea of the painted stone. I read somewhere that the very best of Roman and Greek statues, were those that viewers considered to be the most 'life like' i.e. realistic looking, and not necessarily the best when left white.

    In other words, the painting was at least as important as the sculpting. I would like to have seen, Rome, Corinth, Athens or the Oracle at Delphi, all of which were famed for their temples and public statuary, it must have been a wonderful sight!

  2. She was a MILF in the popular parlance.

  3. I have opinions on this ..... which not everyone agrees with. Repaint them is my motto!


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