Friday, 18 January 2013

Candid Photography - Priceless

There are times when new technology bites back.

There you are about to sell your latest designer 'asos yellow skater dress size 10' on eBay .... so while your in your bedroom you whip out the old phone camera, and hanging the dress on the bedroom door, you take a good snap to post on eBay.

You then post it up and wait for the 'kerching' of money arriving in to your bank account ..... 

eBay photo taken

Only with horror do you realise that there's a slight problem, which you only find out about when it starts getting twittered around the world, eventually ending up on a national radio web site, where it goes viral ..... your laughing friends tell you ..... eventually.

Desperately you try to get on the website to remove it and eventually manage to take it down ..... red in faced and heart in your mouth you hope that no one has really noticed .....

No Longer Available
Oops, too late. You really should have worn your knickers or checked the mirror view before you posted it on eBay ....... not really revealing (given the camera standard and the masking I've applied to this close up), but careless, very careless.

Priceless .....

Priceless .................

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