Saturday, 26 January 2013


This the face of what passes for a 'Ballboy' in South Wales ....

Old 'Ballboy' Practising His 'Simulation' Moves ......

Apart from the fact that he's aged 17, around 5'10'' in height, and shaves .... no problem, until he's then accused of trying to time waste in an important cup match, gets involved in a tussle with a member of the opposition team over possession of the football, allegedly gets 'kicked' (I say 'allegedly' as I don't think he got touched, but hey what do I know), then rolls around clutching his sides like a Taliban sniper has hit him. He then has a miracle cure and is OK, afterwards  .......

All this led to the opposition player involved being harshly being sent off by the referee, gained the 'Ballboy's' team a decided advantage, and brought the 'boy' much worldwide notoriety.

All this fun and games does however raise some issues that the game is trying to duck:

(a) Should 'Ballboys' have some sort of age limit - over 18 or under16?
(b) Should they be provided from the home teams youth academies or reserves or be neutral?
(c) If the 'Ballboys' indulge in gamesmanship, time wasting or other underhand tricks, should the referee be able to add time, report the club to the FA for a fine, or points docked or even a forced replay of the match?

All the rolling around on the ground like a fairy that the 'boy' went through, leads me to suspect that the 'Ballboy' is in fact a member of the Swansea football youth academy, and he's learnt his lessons on 'simulation' well.

Little good that he apologised afterwards, the opposition player will miss at least 3 matches, a manager could lose his job as a result, and the time wasting worked, as his team got to the final .... who says 'cheaters never prosper'?


  1. The boy is a laughing stock around the world! If he hoped to have a career its probably never going to live this down.

    What an idiot.

    1. Have to agree but memories are short.


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