Friday, 11 January 2013

Extrajudicial Killings

When the Israeli secret service Mossad, takes out opponents of Israel in other countries then the Turks and other Muslim countries describe them as 'terrorists' but when Turks do the same then, as with the cross border raids and air-strikes, the silence is deafening.

The killing/murder of three Kurdish women activists in Paris (one of them Sakine Cansız, a female ex fighter) by what is thought to be possibly operatives of Turkeys N.I.O (National Intelligence Organization), can't be treated as any more or less 'acceptable' than when Mossad does the same thing.

Sakine Cansız PKK - Ex commander of the women's guerilla movement

However the silence is the key ..... only the French are outraged at this 'intolerable act' .... the Turkish spokesman has said he believes that it was 'utterly wrong', and their spokesman has expressed his 'condolences' and then suggested that it was an internal Kurdish 'feud'.

Of course it hasn't been proved that it was the N.I.O, and it could be other Kurds, as they have just the same murderous tendencies as other groups in that region, still it will be interesting to see how this develops ...

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