Friday, 25 January 2013

Puppy Love

It appears from recent studies that dogs may have been tamed because wolves just couldn't ignore human bins ..... a bit like toilets really. The stink of human offal pits, seem to have have had a fatal attraction to a certain type of lazy wolf who found the 'free' food on offer just too tempting. They hung around near humans and scavenged, rather than tackling Aurochs, or Woolly Rhinos etc.

How A Wolf Becomes A Dog

And looking at Auroch's who can blame them?

But it seems that this attraction was what led to puppies being domesticated, and then successively culled to eradicate undesirable traits such as eating their owners .... of course this means that most dogs, even the most aggressive are still more puppy like than any of their ancestors, and basically lazy to boot.

Lazy Dog

.... although a lot of 'Posties' would tell you otherwise.

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