Friday, 7 December 2012

Where Women Are

What's the most popular song in Saudi Arabia (in those areas where Western style music is allowed)?

"Stand by your man" (or at least very near him).

It has to be that song because the Saudis, those fun loving libertarians, who most definitely didn't have anything to do with '9/11' ... No Siree!, (it was just a coincidence that all the plotters funders and executioners of the attack were Saudi .... so the US and its Western invaded Afghanistan?), have just found a novel use for new technology ....trackin wimmin.

Yes Siree, in Allah's kingdom, all women's phones are potentially tagged and an SMS alert is triggered to her male 'owners' phone if she crosses the border and leaves the paradise on earth that is Saudi Arabia ... Some Saudi Tweeters have mockingly suggested that it would be easier if the Mullahs just had all women micro-chipped, or forced to wear radio ankle bracelets (like western criminals), to make tracking Saudi women's more accurate ....

Saudi Women's Movements Are Tracked
Although how far most of them could ever get given that they can't even leave the house without a male escort, makes it a moot point -- its often forgotten that despite 'reforms', Saudi women are denied the right to travel without their 'male guardian's consent' and are also banned from driving. I am posting this story as yet another warning to the western sisterhoods and 'wimmin of the left' of the threat their liberties face.

You are sleep walking into servitude when you turn your PC driven 'blind eye' to the 'Islamic cultural practises' being practised under the guise of multiculturalism ..... they are already at a mosque near you now, and when numbers suffice (see election of the 'Respect' party MP's), will becoming to a council near you as well.


  1. do not mis interpret about the islamic culture or practises. If u have any comments can contact islamic scholars for proper explaination.

    1. If I need to "mis interpret about the islamic culture or practises" then I can just look at the news .... Muslim rape gangs in the north of England, mass murder and mayhem across the Muslim world from North Africa to Pakistan, school girls murdered for asking for an education in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the lowest literacy rates of any religion outside of 'animism or voodoo', and an arrogance of belief that you are 'perfection' despite all the flaws, of any culture in the world ..... No I don't think I need to contact "islamic scholars for proper explaination" ..... I know far too much already about Islam and its practise. Thanks for your comments though.

      NB: I don't need to track my females either.


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