Friday, 7 December 2012

Naked Protests

In antics that aren't dissimilar to those adopted by burn your bra and hippie campaigners in the 1960's, the female activists of the Ukraine are tackling what they consider to be a three pronged attack on women's rights, they are in their words ".. fighting against patriarchy, in its three manifestations: sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship and religion", by walking round topless, while cutting things down with chainsaws .... hmm.

As you might imagine, this attracts the worlds press like honey bees to flowers, especially from those more prurient sections of the world, where men are likely to be over excited by bare boobs ..... but the locals are less impressed. A common reaction, when they are mentioned, is to raise eyebrows (presumably from chest level), or snort with derision, seeing them as self publicists.

Femen Protesters - Echo Hippies Of the Make Love Not War 1960's

However the Femen group claims to have about 40 topless activists in the Ukraine, and another 100 who have joined their protests abroad .... plus the support of the rest of the worlds press 😏  .... feminists in the West are a little mixed in their reactions to using nakedness as a demonstration tool (possibly as these young Ukrainian women are generally very attractive ... I can't say that can I?), but at least some consider this to be a valid form of protest, and that their sisters in this endeavour are the women who march on 'Slutwalks', and the Russian punk protesters 'Pussy Riot'.

Personally, I suspect that the group is a mixture of bravado and exhibitionism ...they have bravely (or stupidly) tried to take the 'mickey' out of the last dictator in Europe, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus and some have been threatened with rape, burning and knives by his 'KGB'. But generally they have stuck to the (slightly) safer ground of the Ukraine .... although as most of Eastern European countries (Russia in particular) have been hijacked by organised criminals and ex secret service thugs, its only a relatively safer protest ground.

I can't imagine that this form of protest will catch on in the more socially conservative areas of the world .... South America or any of the Islamic theocracies for example (see previous post on Saudi Women's lack of rights) but it may catch on in more liberal zones, if they can actually find anything to complain about, or the gumption to stand up to the adoption of sharia practices in immigrant areas.


  1. Maybe the women libbers of the UK, having burnt their bras decades ago, feel in need of support these days ..... ;-)

    1. Actually I think that they are brave. You shouldn't laugh, you don't live under a tyranny.

    2. Ha Ha .... only just spotted the support joke!

      And yes, they are brave women as the Pussy Riot band showed.


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