Thursday, 6 December 2012

Crawling Out From Under A Rock

There is a term in the English language about what 'crawls out from under a rock' when you turn it over.

The police investigation into the sex crimes alleged to have been committed by the late, and not so great Sir James Saville  OBE, KCSG, was the turning over of a very large rock, and some very big insects have been crawling from under it .....

The Police operation has three strands.
  • One is looking specifically at the actions of Jimmy Savile, and 
  • The second strand concerns allegations against "Savile and others". 
  • The separate third strand relates to alleged complaints against other people unconnected to the Jimmy Savile investigations.

So far, as a direct result of the investigation, and its related enquiries, five people have been arrested:  Max Clifford (publicist), Freddie Starr (comedian), Gary Glitter (ex pop star and convicted child sex offender), Wilfred De'Ath (a retired BBC producer), and Dave Lee Travis (ex DJ and radio broadcaster). Police have also questioned under caution a man in his 80's (who we can't name, but whom its speculated is a very well known TV presenter).

Arrested or 'Interviewed under caution' - More expected.

The publicity has also rattled old skeletons up and down the country ..... with the well known TV presenter Stuart Hall OBE arrested for unrelated sexual allegations ..... it should be pointed out that not all of the arrests (details on their web links), relate to the sexual abuse of children, some of those arrested have been charged with sexual offences related to adults. Not that this excuses them of any crime, if they are firstly ever brought to trials, and then secondly found guilty of the crimes which they are accused of.

What we can comment on is the general age of those so far arrested or interviewed under caution .... all of them are well over fifty years of age, with the youngest being the 59 year old Clifford. This suggests a 'culture' of some kind existed in the 'celebrity circuit' of a generation or so ago .... its very strange.

Justice Is Blind - For Rich and Poor

However they have not been found guilty of anything to-date and therefore are all presumed innocent until proven guilty, despite all the speculation on some sites. Its possible that the claims are entirely fictitious in some cases - sadly we live in a society where some people would try to make money out of falsely accusing an individual of the most hideous of crimes. Justice in these high profile cases must not only be carried out blindly, but it Must Be Seen to Be Done, or it isn't justice.

NB: Please don't speculate about identities of people not named by the police .... its illegal, often wrong, and brings down the wrath of lawyers ..... and I will delete the comments.    


  1. Good Point! There is a bit a band waggon which is assuming guilt for everyone the police arrest. In the real world only about 65% of those arrested are found guilty in courts.

    1. Some more arrests since this post was dated. All seem to be of the same age group, but are no longer being named by the police.

      Is this the start of the cover up?

  2. Stuart Hall was charged with non related sex offences including rape.

  3. Sadly, even good old Rolf Harris has been dragged into this, but not charged. Still, I will never be able to think of "Two Little Boys" in quite the same innocent way again.

    All rather sad really.

    1. As we now know Rolf Harris was convicted of child assault, as was Stuart Hall. Max Clifford was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault on four girls and women aged between 15 and 19. Dave Lee Travis, was found guilty by a majority verdict of 10–2 of indecently assaulting a female researcher working on the Mrs Merton Show in 1995. The Court of Appeal rejected Travis's bid to overturn his conviction.

      Wilfred De'Ath was released without charge with the allegation withdrawn.
      Freddie Starr was not taken to court on the grounds of "insufficient evidence" but the high court dismissed a claim for slander and libel against the complainant.


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