Friday, 7 December 2012

Small Nations, Small Triumphs

You know what they say ....... 'the smaller the nation the bigger the flag'.

So in that spirit I had to laugh when Pakistanis turned out in their thousands ... well 24,000 actually, in order to create the worlds largest living human national flag. They got together in Lahore's hockey stadium, in what was described as an "amazing display of unity" ..... which makes a change from the activities they normally get in the news for.

Largest Human Flag - A Pakistani Triumph

Of course what makes it funny is that Pakistan is a nation with a population exceeding 180 million people (they don't actually know the numbers), while Hong Kong, who held the previous record, set five years ago by 21,726 people, is a small nation of just 7.03 million.

Source - World Bank - 2011 data.
  • GDP of 180 million Pakistanis = $211.09 Billion US dollars at current prices.
  • GDP of 7.03 million Hong Kong residents = $243.67 Billion US dollars at current prices.

Like I said 'the smaller the nation the bigger the flag' ...... point made.


  1. No doubt the Pakistani flag waivers are all heroes of the nation. But we aren't any better .... Big brother and the X Factor prove that!

    1. Have to agree .... We make heroes out of nobodies as well. Just look at the 'celeb' pages in newspapers ... And the magazines that make money from publicizing the activitys of these parasites.

    2. OK, both of you raise a good point ....


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