Friday, 9 November 2012

Predicting The Next Presidential Race

The other interesting story from the US Presidential Elections are the pollsters demographics of the vote splits ..... The chart below shows the breakdown of the voting for Romney and Bush.

Demographics 2012 US Presidential Election

As you can see they make interesting reading ....
  • The economic Middle Classes voted for Romney - but they are predominantly White.
  • Blacks almost entirely voted for Obama.
  • The majority of Whites voted for Romney but only in a 6 to 4 ratio.
  • The Republicans appeal to only about a quarter of Hispanic and Asian voters.
  • More younger people vote Democrat. 
  • More older people vote Republican.
  • More Men Vote Republican.
  • More Women Vote Democrat.

Many a pollster will be poring over these results, trying to glean the possible results of the 2016 Presidential race .... for instance will the general ageing of the white population, give the Republican enough of an edge to overcome the growth of the ethnic minorities. Its upon such questions as this, that the outcome of the next Presidential race will already be determined. 

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