Monday, 26 November 2012

Race Not An Issue?

Here's where PC nonsense is really shown at its best .... a 16 yr girl is attacked by a complete stranger .... the police appeal for witnesses and give a description, which the BBC give out as 'a muscular man, aged between 25 and 30, and about 6ft tall. He was wearing a black baseball jacket and jeans' ...... yeah, that'll do in PC multicultural 'la la land'.

Of course knowing the race/ethnicity of the attacker would aid identification and the chances of his capture by another 100%+, but its far better that he get away, rather than offend PC campaigners by using the 'B' word. The Victims ethnicity is also not mentioned, although she appears to be white ....

Of course this violent monster is not white, and that's why the BBC struggles with its PC rules, but fortunately there's a photo of this coward .....

Male Attacker - Race Not Known?

And the BBC worries about why its losing public trust ...... utterly pathetic ...

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  1. Very strange this, because they also struggle when its Asian rapist/pedos but when it was a suspected Tory ass bandit the media could hardly contain themselves in ID ing the 'suspect' ..... Funny that.

    I guess it just shows how lefty the Broadcast media generally is in the UK.


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