Friday, 16 November 2012

Reverse Racism

With calls for a Black Footballers Association apparently being shelved for the moment (but watch this space), 'Googling' the term 'Black Associations produces - page after page of useful results - try doing the same for white associations and you get just one .... a Wiki page entry for 'National Association for the Advancement of White People' - which is a racial supremacist group ..... after that, all the results are people with the surname 'White'.

So for example in the UK:

  • MOBO, but not MOWO 
  • Society of Black Lawyers', but not Society of White Lawyers'.
  • National Black Police Association, but not National White Police Association.
  • Association for Black Engineers UK, but not Association for White Engineers UK.
  • The National Black Boys Can Association, but not The National White Boys Can Association.

There are also over a hundred black and minority ethnic housing organisations, associations and co-operatives, based mainly in London and the major conurbations .....

NBPA but not NWPA
Whilst similarly in the US, there are dozens and dozens of these associations, who define their interests and membership by colour or non white ethnicity, such as the

  • Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.
  • National Black Republican Association.
  • Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers.
  • Association Black American Racers Association, and 
  • National Afro-American Council.

All without its white counterpart ...... because to put the word 'White' into the name is 'Racist', apparently, whereas to put the word 'Black' into the title is not racist, apparently.

It beggars belief that we have been so indoctrinated with the PC nonsense and left-wing intellectual tripe that underpins this garbage, that we have accepted that 'Black' groups, organised around the skin colour of its members (even if they don't stop non Blacks from joining, they don't encourage it by using a specific ethnicity or colour in their titles), is perfectly OK ..... but any white groups organised in such a way, are 'Racist'.

They are all the same, which ever colour is used in the same title  .....  so they are either all racist, or they are all perfectly acceptable, but not just one.

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