Friday, 16 November 2012

African Aid Model

As is usual, the sub Saharan states of Africa are debating what having a black American as US president has meant .... and the conclusion seems to be .. not a lot. They seem to have been expecting either a lot of US attention in the form of money or possibly in political settlements .... in fact they got much the same as under a white US president. Total Indifference.

Obama Not A Saviour For Africa

The question as to whether China is a better bedfellow and aid model to the Africans, is the one currently being asked ..... I would argue yes.

The western model of cash, for lecturing and hectoring, has only resulted in a swathe of NGO's, promoting the unsustainable birth rates via food and medicines, while doing nothing to provide jobs, or a sustainable economic model. We haven't even been able to promote good governance, because we actually have covered up the thefts by the 'big man' and his cronies, by providing those services that the state should provide, for free.

I believe that in fact the West needs to adopt a far more pragmatic approach to Africa.

No more 'free aid' anymore. Infrastructure projects should be undertaken in return for resources, and all managed via western managers. In other words the 'Chinese' aid model, which may be tough, but it puts money into the bottom end of African society via jobs, and produces buildings and roads the people can use.

The Western Aid model has only produced rampant corruption and the 'African Big Man'.

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