Friday, 9 November 2012

Rip Off Britain

Many in Britain believe that we get ripped off by almost all the major world players .... Computers, iPads, Cars, Rail fares .... you name it, and for some reason they cost more here than in the US or Europe. Recently the suspicion has risen that our energy costs (much of which seems to be owned by foreign companies), are being manipulated. As someone said to me, 'they always go up, never go down, and always just before the winter'.

This seems to be confirmed when these figures were published ...

Energy Rip Off Britain

I think the one that shocks me is the first one ..... the average energy bill in the UK has increased 155% since 2004, while average incomes have risen just 20%. Its quite obvious that, along with similar rises in Gas and Transport costs, this is just unsustainable, and represents an all out assault on average living standards in the UK, that must be ended before we are driven into Greek style poverty.

Basically, it's just a plain old fashioned rip off of Britain. 

NB: If you are struggling, try a comparison site to try and get your bill's down, there are many around.

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