Monday, 26 November 2012

The Endless Wars

Although I am heartily sick of the region and its war like inhabitants, one has to accept that the recent fighting between Hamas and the IDF in the Gaza strip is worth a post. Basically for reasons that any intelligent peoples might consider stupid, the terrorist Hamas group, and rulers of the Gaza strip have been lobbing missiles into Israel, but apparently expected no response (image if they did this to Turkey or Egypt ....).

The Israeli's then retaliated with airship attacks, and then last week with a full scale bombing assault. In the meantime the Hamas rockets continued to be fired. This isn't the first time these events have occurred .... in fact every couple of years or so there are pretty much the same action - reaction.

Turkish Troops Attack Kurdistan

My question is why the apologists for the Hamas terrorists seem to think that firing missiles into Israel everyday is totally acceptable,  and that no one should ever expect any sort of response back?

As an example of this, in a war that's been going on for as long as the Israeli Arab conflict, when the Kurds attack Turkish troops across the Iraq border, the Turks bomb and strafe whole Kurdish villages in the border regions, and also send troops in to 'clean up' the area in retaliation .... but there is almost complete silence from the Islam apologists. No one complains, and the Turks belligerently shout about Turkish pride etc.

However when the same situation occurs in the Gaza strip, the Israeli's either have to take it or get flak from every 'pro-Palestinian' group in the West ... I fail to see the difference in activities, provocations and responses, except that one is Jews retaliating to Arab attacks, and the other is Muslim Turks retaliating to Muslim Arab attacks ..... obviously in Left Wing politics, that makes a difference, somehow.

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  1. You can't expect anything less than hypocrisy. Look at Pakistan or Syria or Iraq. Muslim on Muslim or Sunni on Shia. Millions killed in the last decade.

    Somehow its Zionists or Crusader plots.



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