Friday, 16 November 2012

What Men Want

Most men and school boys like 'lists, maps' and 'worlds greatest' (including biggest, loudest, worst etc),  and its fair to say that men and boys also like Wars, Soldiers, and Empires .... I know ladies, but we aren't women.

Its no good trying to make us like fake life TV (soaps, non -'reality shows', and all the other stuff that you appear to enjoy). When you talk about these, we nod, say 'yes' or 'really' now and again, but our head is full of other stuff, like drill bits, or whether we would go and watch women's topless football. We don't even 'gossip' properly, about 10 minutes, and we are totally bored with the conversation about who is going out with who.

So here, just for men, are a few links to the Worlds Largest Empires, and the .... Worlds longest lasting empires. Some come with maps just add to the fun. I enjoyed a good 20 - 30 minutes poring over the lists and then looking at the maps .... good clean fun, and I thought why not share it for the few visitors to this site. There are even web sites, enticingly listing the Ten Greatest Empires, and the same here

British Empire - Biggest Ever

Sort of like 'Top Trumps' for Empires ..... and talking of 'Trumps' ... here's a link to a site that every man in my office laughed out loud at (or sniggered over) when it was passed round the office ... I don't think any women were passed the link because of fear of complaint (no nudity or pictures - but) ... What Men Laugh At.

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  1. That link is funny, although my wife didn't think so. Still maybe tests the point.


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