Friday, 9 November 2012

Broken Britain - Multiculturalism Fails

As we approach remembrance day its hard to ignore the most socially divisive group of immigrants in the UK history. Not only do they insist on being treated as special, but they insult our culture, way of life and tolerance. The very attributes that allowed them in to our country without mass protests, they throw back in our faces, in a manner more like conquerors, not immigrants.

Two stories serve to illustrate the pointlessness of ever expecting them to 'assimilate' to the British people's, no matter how many times our Dhimmi politicians kiss their arse's.

The first involves a British soldier stabbed and killed in a bar in Ayia Napia in Cyprus. The three men charged are all 'Muslims' from the UK who have tried to claim 'self defence' ..... They were carrying switch-blades, and a police search found eleven more of these weapons and two brass knuckle dusters in their rooms. Why they had bought them, and what they were for (dare I suggest they were to be smuggled in to the UK?), are questions they haven't answered. Also, why good 'Muslim' boys are drinking in a nightclub is also a question that they no doubt can dismiss, with the usual hypocritical bullshit that they employ in their cult.

The second tale is rather sadder. It was reported that in Bradford the teen poppy collectors had to be given ex servicemen as guards, following incidents last year in which Muslim males had 'spat' on the poppies, and verbally abused, and even physically attacked the young volunteers. The scum who did this were not caught (no surprise) ...

Muslims Against Crusades - Poppy Burning 2010

This is what passes as 'multiculturalism' in these PC times. However on a positive note, this year some Muslims from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association started a poppy appeal .... the London-based association has sold poppies in the capital before, but this year its campaign is being rolled out nationwide.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Poppy Appeal 2012

Its members are posting more than 100 volunteers at Tube stations and rail stations across the UK to try to surpass the £20,000 they raised in their 2011 appeal ... however all is not as it seems, as they face opposition from other 'Muslim Groups' who are anti-British, and also anti-Ahmadi. It turns out that the the Ahmadi community is not actually considered to be Muslim by 'Muslim scholars', and that in fact they are persecuted as heretics in many Sunni Muslim countries, including Pakistan. In 1974 the Pakistani government declared the sect non-Muslim because of its theological differences with 'mainstream' Islam ..... so they are more despised than the rest of us by these 'Jihadi' groups in the UK.

It makes you wonder where this is all going to end .... 

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