Friday, 12 February 2016

Free Speech For Emperor Erdogan

You can't keep a good man down. Once again a foreign trip by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan results in chaos and controversy ..... this time it was in Ecuador, when as the New Sultan prepared to hold a news conference at the National Higher Studies Institute in Quito, some protesters in the hall, demonstrated against the recent operations by Turkish armed forces against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) group .... military operations by the way, that they refuse to take against the I.S. Jihadists who operate on Turkeys borders, whilst complaining about Russia favouring the regime.

Not content with respecting the rights of the people in Ecuador to express themselves through noisy, but peaceful protests - something they (especially women), wouldn't be allowed to do in the increasingly authoritarian and Islamist Turkey - the elected president for life's (he thinks), security team, took it upon themselves to act as the venues 'bouncers', and ejected the three young women.

Erdogans 'Dogs' Unleashed On Women ...Witnessed By Press.

They did this by physically manhandling the women out of the building, with little regard as to any physical harm that this might produce, nor for the welfare of anyone who tried to interfere to protect the honour and womanhood of Ecuador.

Strangely, no Ecuador law officials (police or security), which we have to assume were in the vicinity, what with a foreign leader making a speech, tried to intervene, and it was left to a local MP, Diego Vintimilla, to try and protect the three female protesters. An act which resulted in him getting bruised and injured .... again with no local security intervention. 

Diego Vintimilla MP - Sole Defender Of Equador's Honour

He later described the matter as "Erdogan comes as a guest to Ecuador and his dogs attack locals. Think what's happening in Turkey".

So Ecuador is apparently happy to let an alleged rapist shelter in its embassy in London, well until the Swedish statue of limitations on his charges expires; and its seemingly equally happy to have a foreign leaders security men, manhandle Ecuadorian women, and even members of its parliament, without a murmur of protest .... well actually there was a little squeak, when the police finally requested that the Turkish bodyguards involved in the incident, surrender their passports ... however Mr Erdogan and his entourage left the country unhindered.

They obviously have a strange view of women's rights in Ecuador, and put international political posturing and trade above them ... as for the Turks, well we are now getting used to the new Ottoman Sultan acting up across the global stage, and one day soon it will be on a EU stage as well, if some weak leaders have their way. God help us all then, because no one else will.

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