Friday, 19 February 2016

Ghosts Everywhere You Look

The google earth views are a constant source of wonder. Take this street view ....

Taken from the search link ...... nothing too odd. But look a little closer.

Top Left Hand Windows ....

Now there are reportedly 150 haunted pubs in Liverpool, and the Stuart Hotel is one of them, although, as far as is known, most of the ghostly goings-on happened in the pub’s distant past.

In the case of the  Stuart Hotel, in 1897, the then landlord of the public house was a 41-year-old Wallasey man named Robinson Pemberton who investigated a strange scratching noise in the cellar of the pub believing it was a rat, but then the noise became louder, and soon it was heard in neighbouring houses.

Three days later the pub was shaken from top to bottom, and the windows of the pub had to be left open in case the vibrations shattered the glass. The noise then stopped, but a drinker rapped three times on the walls of the pub one night – and received three knocks back. The noise in the cellar then kicked off again, as well as the sound of a distant bell, which was heard by everyone for a week.

It was the decided that professional help was required and a priest from St Mary’s Church, performed a blessing and left a Bible in the cellar and the noise was never heard again.

Faces At The Window

But perhaps the inhabitants were merely silenced .... or so the ghost hunters want you to believe, after someone tweeted a window close up to the world. Of course these things are easily faked and so its hard to tell the real thing from the made up ..... or they could have been just staff or guests.

My Faked 'Ghost' Shot

.... this is my ham-fisted 'faked' version of a ghost shot, which just about shows how easily these things are done by someone who knows what they are doing.


  1. The probability of catching someone peering out of a window is no doubt increased by driving by in an odd looking van whilst taking pictures of said windows.

  2. Correct. But some only want 'to believe'.

    1. and some want others to believe, it can be very profitable.


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