Friday, 5 February 2016

Mark Of Plumbing Excellence

They say that all publicity, is good publicity, but in Texas that's apparently not the case .... well unless you count one million dollars, as good.

In a story that shows how the USA can differ from Europe more than many people realise, a  lawyer representing a plumber from Texas, says his client has faced death threats after his old truck, which he sold in Houston Texas, apparently went on to a car auction site, before finally (we hope ... its not called Christine after all), turning up on the front-line in Syria's civil war, as a fighting vehicle for jihadists.

They Say That All Publicity Is Good Publicity .... But Apparently Not In Texas.

Now that might not have been very obvious to even the most eagle eyed amongst the audience of TV news in the US, except that the van was still sporting the nifty paint job it had displayed when the plumber sold it ... including his company name and phone number. 

Inevitably these days, a photo showing the truck with an anti-aircraft gun being fired off the back soon went viral on-line, and perhaps just as inevitably, the death threats began.

So what to do?

...... why find an ambulance chaser, and in an effort to prove money isn't his main motivation, sue someone for just a token one million dollars. His legal eagle said that everybody thought the plumber was "somehow was connected to the terrorists" and that although his client had initially "thought it was probably a joke. But it turned out it wasn't a joke and it wasn't funny."

So as he can't easily sue the Syrian jihadists, the plumber was advised to sue the car dealership. Presumably this is for not cleaning the company logo off before sending it to auction in Huston Texas USA (and not anticipating that it might end up on TV in a war zone) .... according to his lawyer, this is apparently as he just wants people to know he has, "no connection with terrorist groups in Syria."


  1. If the plumber couldn't be bothered to remove the paint job before selling it, he can't expect the car dealer to either. Do these jihadists have a sense of humour or couldn't they be bothered to remove the paint job either?

    1. They may be planning to charge the plumber for hits like google clicks.


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