Friday, 19 February 2016

Any Excuse Will Do

So having difficulties with reading, writing and telling the time is now an acceptable reason to win an employment 'disability discrimination' case in the UK. A claim to be, or have 'Dsylesxia', 'Dyslexia', a condition which frankly is often an excuse for an awful lot of stupidity, has now been accepted as a good reason for making mistakes and not being down graded at work.

'Dsylesxia', 'Dyslexia'' ... Just An Excuse?

The woman in this instance quit, then sued .... laughable. If you want to know why there is such a skill shortage in the UK, its because every lazy or stupid child at school, or their parents, now latches on to the 'illness' like a leech to a bottom.

Dyslexia as such has never really been proved, its like that middle-class laziness covered under 'Chronic fatigue syndrome', which is a disorder characterized by extreme fatigue, that can't apparently be explained by any underlying medical condition. I know many doctors who simply refuse to accept that its a genuine medical condition.

For example I would rather stop going to work, but I do so. I don't flop about the house trying to get state benefits for a 'sickness'. You would be amazed how fast some of these people would 'recover' if they lost their pay, their jobs and their welfare benefits.

The world has grown more stupid, and the western world more that any other region is to blame .... laziness is now a syndrome, and stupidity another.


  1. Did you hear about the dyslexic Devil worshipper who gave his soul to Santa?

  2. Strictly speaking, "Dyslexics are teople poo" is a Spoonerism. I don't think that this is relevant to dyslexia and the conflation may be unhelpful.

    1. Indicators of Possible Dyslexia (ages 3-5 Years)

      • Is prone to spoonerisms (e.g. Fips and chish for fish and chips).


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