Friday, 9 May 2014

Cracking Skulls Together

If anything illustrates why 'liberals' should have nothing to do with the justice system ........ its the story of Michael Wheatley, a habitual criminal, who uses extreme violence to commit his crimes .... he was on parole from a 27-year sentence for other robberies, when he went on another crime spree .... raiding 13 building societies and banks over a 10-month period in 2001 and 2002. During this spree he used gratuitous violence, often pistol-whipping victims (including a 73-year-old woman) over the head, thus earning his nick name 'Skull Cracker".

So after a 27 year sentence, from which he absconded, you would think that the courts might decide enough was enough (after all he still had the remainder of his 27 yr sentence to serve, plus more crimes to be sentenced for) ... but no. liberal leaning sentencing prevailed yet again .... his previous uncompleted 27 year sentence was just ignored, and new sentences imposed.

Except they were more meaningless than the original sentence, because they were the laughable UK 'life' sentence which replaced hanging.

So in 2002 Wheatley received 13 life concurrent sentences for armed robbery, and 13 concurrent five-year sentences for possessing an imitation firearm at the Old Bailey - strangely, nothing was added for the physical assaults he administered during the raids. So 13 life sentences were the same as just one, and the five year gun sentences were also the same as one, and were just subsumed into the less than life sentence.

Michael "Skull Cracker" Wheatley Recaptured ... Again

Roll on 12 years and "Skull Cracker" Wheatley was back in an open prison awaiting parole again .... prisoners should only be moved to an open prison - also known as category D jails - if the parole board finds they are not a danger to the public or other inmates, or likely to abscond - so apparently the life sentences, and the 27 years for armed robberies, were all forgotten as a bunch of social workers / parole officers and a judge, once again assume that they know better than anyone else about who is fit to be released in to society.

But "Skull Cracker" Wheatley obviously wasn't prepared to await the shilly shallying of a bunch of naive do gooders, and just walked out of the prison, and was free for several days, a menace to anyone who got in his way, until he was caught in London, after carrying out another armed raid on at the Chelsea Building Society branch in Sunbury-on-Thames ..... he remains a major risk to the public. A fact that should have kept him out of consideration for open prison, and parole in the first place.

Prisons minister Jeremy Wright, said there would be a full review after Wheatley failed to return to prison .... too late. We need someone to crack skulls together in Parliament, The Home Office, The Judiciary, and the Probation Services and start giving us a justice system that's fit for purposes.

The whole system of life sentences, concurrent sentences, and parole needs reviewing before the British public conclude that the only justice they will see is that which they administer themselves .... in other words back to the hue and cry and lynching's of an era when the courts also couldn't be relied upon.


  1. One question. How many people have had '14 life sentences' and will still be out of prison before their retirement? The dozy c*nts who are judges in the UK have given him another 'Life Sentence'. It must be a record of some sort, but not one we should be proud of.

    1. Interestingly I couldn't find out if that's a record or not (but it may well be) .... but I did find that in the UK only about 50 prisoners are on 'whole of Life sentences, which a very few indeed, whn you consider that we stopped hanging with the promise that life sentences would replace it.

      If anyone knows the record, I wouldn't mind being shown the figures.


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