Saturday, 3 May 2014

State Within A State

I have always suspected that the BBC long ago gave up having programme making or impartial news coverage as its primary reason for existence, and now thinks of itself as an alternative government, elected by the licence fee ..... and Jeremy Clarkson has just confirmed my suspicions.

Notwithstanding his latest 'N' word problems (another bit of PC self censorship nonsense, considering its usage by other groups) .... He has a column in the Sun Newspaper and in one of the filler paragraphs he published what he claimed were the courses coming up in a week at the BBC, this after Lord Grade declared the BBC to be to be too big, and in need of slimming .....

Listed are just some of the 'Staff Courses" being run in the BBC - and at vast expense I might add (These alone will total £10,000 to run).

  • Changing The Face Of TV - an exploration of how we can better achieve authentic and accurate portrayal of under represented audiences across broadcast media. 
  •  The Road To 50% Women In Leadership - self explanatory feminist course.

  • Managing Your Career at The BBC - a discussion about the experience of disabled staff and their managers.

  • Abnormally Funny People - Can disability be discussed in a comedic way.

  • Open Discussion - A discussion about the business case for diversity and why it matters to the future of the BBC.

  • Mental Health Briefing - another discussion about the treatment of mental health issues by the media

and finally
  • Class Workshop - A workshop on the class system in Britain.

Remarkably, nothing on making better programs, or funny comedies, or spotting new talent ..... just 'minority' courses (if women make up 50% of the population, how are they a minority?). Its also probably the last place outside of the offices of the Socialist Worker, where the 'Class System' of Britain is still discussed as being remotely relevant.

The BBC long Ago Succumbed To A Feminist Agenda

Of course Mr Clarkson could have been making these courses up .... but why would he bother? They have the terribly earnest look of being true, and smack of the sort of thing that 'Human Resources' like to spend money on. There is no need to make them up. 
Remember this is the BBC, operating on a tax on virtually every household in the country, and while there is a lot to admire about some of their services, when they close down stations like BBC3, but carry on running course after course like these Politically Correct, Lefty Feminist Multi-Culturalist nonsense, the case against radical reform and overhaul of their whole structure seems unarguable.

The BBC was never intended to be a state within a state. It has just developed like this because its been largely independent of political supervision, and now has its own 'culture' that is as foreign to the majority of us as the internal politics of the Labour Party are to the 2/3rds of us who don't vote for them.

In other words, the BBC has abandoned impartiality, it now has a 'stance' on subjects, which are by their nature 'political', but which then makes it an anathema to large parts of the nation its supposed to represent.  


  1. Well Mark Thompson the the Director General of the BBC told the New Statesman that "In the BBC I joined 30 years ago [as a production trainee, in 1979], there was, in much of current affairs, in terms of people's personal politics, which were quite vocal, a massive bias to the left." Looking at that list of courses, its hard to imagine that the BBC staffers are anything less than left leaning today as well.

    For the record he claims that the organisation is more 'techocratic' in its reporting now. Whatever that means.

    1. My article makes my opinion clear on the subject ... thanks for the comment.


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