Friday, 30 May 2014

Glorious Bullshine

On one glorious day in Madrid, in the Las Ventas stadium in Madrid, three men were downed by their opponents. The men were David Mora, Antonio Nazare, and Saul Jimenez Fortes, none of whom were killed but all were hospitalised.

So what was special about this .... well it wasn't a boxing match, nor in fact any one on one Man versus Man contest ..... no, it was the usually very one sided Man versus Bull, known as a 'bullfight'.

For the First Time In 35 Years At The Las Ventas Stadium - The Fights Ended Early

Sadly of course, despite the bulls shining in this hat trick, they are always slaughtered during the or after the battles .... but for one brief hour, they got their revenge. Its pity we don't know their names.


  1. I have as little sympathy for the 3 dandies as you appear to have. On reading your piece my mind went directly to La Corrida by Francis Cabrel, a very moving song by one of the few really good french singer/songwriters : "In the time that I've been waiting in this dark room, I hear them celebrating and singing at the end of the tunnel..."

    When will people realise that tradition is often just an excuse to act in ways that we did before we knew better.

    1. Agreed ... the Portuguese Bullfighting, involves no deaths in the ring and is more skilful ... 'The bull is not killed in the ring and, at the end of the corrida, leading oxen are let into the arena and two campinos on foot herd the bull along them back to its pen. The bull is usually killed, away from the audience's sight, by a professional butcher. Some bulls, after an exceptional performance, are restored to health and released to pasture for breeding' ... there is just one arena on the Spanish border, where bulls are still killed in the arena.


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