Friday, 9 May 2014

Tax Evasion Taliban Style

Britain currently pays £446 million to Pakistan in 'Foreign Aid money.

What annoys me about this fact is that, aside from the fact that Pakistan has spent millions developing nuclear weapons (and the missile delivery systems) soley to threaten India with, or the fact that most of Britain's militant Islamic threats comes from or are taught by, Pakistan based clerics. Or even the fact that Pakistan has supported the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill our soldiers .... all of which seem very good reasons to stop any aid to Pakistan or even breaking all relations .....

No, the fact that pisses me off the most about this 'Aid Money' is that fact that in this corrupt, nasty little nation, many MP's barely bother to pay any taxes, even though their salaries are a matter of 'public record'. An independent research group revealed that nearly half of the MP's paid no taxes whatsoever, but this is an improvement on earlier years such as 2011, when nearly 70 percent of Pakistani lawmakers did not file any taxes.

Tax Evasion Endemic In Pakistan
In fact in Pakistan generally, fewer than one percent of the citizens file any tax returns at all, and fewer end up paying any taxes ...... Even officially, only around one in 200 citizens files income tax returns. The state is left begging foreign donors to help fund crumbling public schools and hospitals. All this corruption fuels support for the Taliban.

In a nation, with some very wealthy families, all of whom are evading taxes, no one has been jailed for income tax evasion for more than 25 years. Even when they publish databases of tax defaulters (Cracking down on tax evasion was a key condition of the latest $6.7 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund), most still evade .... the authorities also have a much bigger database of 2.3 million wealthy tax defaulters that details cars, foreign travel, mansions and bank accounts, that has not been published, but they continue to omit many judges, generals and legislators from the databases, just proving how corrupt the whole system is.

Nothing will stop this country eventually breaking up .... its a busted flush ... and certainly not UK taxpayers money.


  1. By the end of the century we will be the first black/brown European majority nation. Most certainly Muslim dominated. Corruption will be a fact of life.

    1. Maybe, if the recent forecasts are right ... admittedly the scandals over postal vote rigging and school takeovers if proved to be true, wouldn't be a promising augur of things to come.


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