Friday, 23 May 2014

Bad To The Bone

Sirgiorgiro Clardy was a pimp, and in fact, in a 'profession' where nastiness is a job requirement, he was one known as one of the most violent in Oregon.

Bad Ass Pimp

So its perhaps no surprise that he's currently serving a 100 year sentence (which sadly we don't have in the UK), after he was arrested for stamping on a man’s face so hard that his victim needed stitches and nose surgery .... an offence which by the way, you can see being attempted most Saturday nights in many British city and town centres.

Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting

Such was Mr Clardy's antisocial bent, that even in court a bag had to be placed over his head, just to stop him spitting on others, and in scene reminiscent of movie comedies his own lawyer was desperate to quit because they felt it was unsafe to sit next to him .... shades indeed of 'Cape Fear'.

He was given the incredibly lengthy by UK standards prison term of 100 years, after being described as an anti-social psychopath who was 100 per cent likely to commit violent crime again .... I also suspect that everyone from the judge to his lawyer, recognised that if he ever gets out, he will be carrying a grudge, so a life sentence was safest for everyone.

One court psychologist said: "People like him are born bad. It’s not something we can fix, that’s why we have prisons." ... again a concept we could do with here.

So why am I writing about this petty scum-bag?

Well he has raised himself above the ordinary by showing a brass neck of extraordinary length. Seven months after his sentencing, Mr Clardy filed a lawsuit against Nike for £60million because it failed to warn him that shoes could be used as a dangerous weapon.

He had been wearing 'Air Jordan' trainers (obviously the footwear of choice for the Oregon pimp .... whatever happened to the Mack Daddy code?), when he stomped on the man’s face.  He insists that this could have been prevented if a warning label had been on his shoes.

Dangerous Trainers When Worn By Mr Clardy

Mr Clardy claims Nike neglected its duty of care as its ‘potentially dangerous’ products could be used to inflict serious injury or death. He also suggests he has sued because Nike’s lack of ‘an adequate warning or instruction has caused personal injury in the likes of mental suffering’.

We live in a world gone mad ....


  1. Perhaps it's Nike's catch-phrase which went to his head, 'Just do it', that will at least be part of his case. This time-wasting frivolity is coming from someone who has left himself with nothing to lose; they're the most dangerous criminals of all.

    1. 'Just do it' .... Yep. I didn't think of that, probably as I don't buy brand items. Personally I liked the candour of the psychiatrist "People like him are born bad. It’s not something we can fix, that’s why we have prisons." ... great line in honesty.

    2. Yes, even those who analyse criminal's psyches and are in a good position to unearth the human beneath sometimes have to throw their hands in the air and admit defeat !

    3. Now if only those in the UK would do so more often (or even just once now and again), then we wouldn't have so many monsters stalking our streets again and again.


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