Friday, 16 May 2014

Shit Happens

In the film Back To The Future, the character Biff and his cronies get covered in manure in a car accident ....

Biff and Cronies Covered In Manure ....

In fact its a recurring theme in that film series, and in many other movies, that loads of manure are regularly transported about towns, and that they can just pour into your car almost any time. But of course it never happens in real life, does it ......

In Traunstein, Bavaria, Germany, a woman was driving her open top Mercedes convertible sports car through the countryside ... she had just had her hair done, and was wearing designer clothes .... when she was held up behind a muck spreader. No doubt she was annoyed about this, but not half as much as when, like something from a horror movie, the muck spreaders container of liquid manure suddenly burst open, and flooded her open top sports car, deluging her in a veritable torrent of liquid filth ....

Apparently there had been a build up of methane gas, which had then caused the explosion ... she wasn't physically hurt by the event, but as the German Police spokesman said, "Litres of it flooded out of her car when she opened the door and stepped out. The trail of filth stretched almost a kilometre. The lady concerned was very unhappy" ..... I'll bet she was.


  1. May that be a lesson to tail-gaters everywhere.

    1. As the trail of filth stretched almost a kilometre, it may not be just tail-gators who have to worry LOL


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