Friday, 23 May 2014

Cheesy Chalkboards

Following on from a funny food chalkboard I spotted in Edinburgh at the festival ...

"Its only Pork and Roll, but I like It" .......

Its only Pork and Roll .... but I like It

.... there have been a spate of these humorous comments from around the UK and elsewhere, publicised on the web.

Perhaps my favourites are, the very witty  "Sweet Dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie?"

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Dis ...

Followed by "When Miley Cyrue gets naked and licks a sledgehammer, its art, and music, but when I do the same its called 'wasted' and I "have to leave Homebase".

Miley Gets Better Treatment .......

Honourable mention to .... "We have beer as cold as you ex-girlfriends heart!"

Cold As Your Ex-Girlfriends Heart

..... been there, still got the scars myself!


  1. That's a good example of targeted marketing - they're obviously not expecting an ex-girlfriend to be looking for a cold beer ! They're being welcomed in the shoe shop a bit further along with the sign 'these boots are made for walking'.

  2. ...... as the board say "who am I to dis a brie?


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