Saturday, 3 May 2014

William H Bonney - Billy The Kid Studies

I occasionally have a play with a Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro type of application .... sometimes the results are worth sharing (well in my modest opinion) ....

So here without further ado, here are my studies of William H Bonney, aka 'Billy The Kid'.

In Black and White:

William H Bonney - 'Billy The Kid' bw study

In Colour:

William H Bonney - 'Billy The Kid' colour study

I like to see the past brought to life like this .... I know I may be alone in this, but there you are. These are all my takes from the original tin plate photograph that was sold last year, with the first B&W one a clean up of original plate, and then each succeeding picture is an enhancement on the one before .....

Another More Doubtful Attribution:

William H. Bonney ... born Henry McCarty (aka Billy the Kid) .... Possibly

Update: The crotchet player has now been confirmed as being Mr Bonney as well and been valued at around $5m.


  1. You've done a good job of enhancing the original, I especially like the colour version. I particularly enjoy new photos matched to old ones showing common buildings and trees; perhaps the tree in Billy's photo is still there?

    1. Look very carefully .... tree and backdrop are false. There are some fingers holding the tree in place. It was most likely a travelling photographers tent.

    2. Well, so long as it's the real Billy The Kid.

    3. Well at a cost of $2.3m I should hope so as well.


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