Friday, 13 November 2015

Gun Toting Granny

It must be tough, and getting tougher in the Midlands of England these days.

How else can you explain the news that when a 95 year old potential grandmother, nay potential great grandmother, went to Walsall Manor Hospital, she decided that as a "safety precaution", she would tuck an antique pistol in to her handbag.

Gun Toting Granny

Now if this was Cali in Columbia, or the near 'northside' or the 'southside' of Chicago, then maybe you might understand, but Walsall? Who would have thought things were so tough these days that entering Walsall's mean streets made a 95 year old feel unsafe?

Of course antique firearms are not illegal and don't need a licence as such in in the UK (although I think that they have to be both unloaded, and in some cases rendered unusable for live rounds). So she wasn't breaking the law too much when she carried granddads old First World War service pistol about, but even so it must have been a start to the nurses when they realised 'granny was packin'.

The police were called and the rather rusty and unloaded weapon was taken 'gently' away from the somewhat bewildered old lady. Police are taking no further action but the hospital security team are reviewing their procedures.

Granny Remembered Her First Burglar ....

However spare a thought for the old lady, who has had the comfort of the thought that she would be able to wave that that old unloaded pistol at potential burglars, to frighten them away, now removed. A security comfort that she may have had possibly all of her life .... bumps and noises in the dark are going to seem a lot louder and scarier for her from now on.

She will feel like '96' going on '6' again ....


  1. Well, at least her family knows what she'd like for Xmas this year.

    1. Well it could be a replica, after all the original was after all unloaded!

  2. The Beverley Hill Billies! Now there was a show.

    1. have to admit, it made me laugh .... I wonder why its not on TV repeats anymore? I don't recall it being un-PC. Thanks for the comment.


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