Friday, 13 November 2015

UK Uninsured And Unqualified

There was a strange crime story reported on Friday the seventh of August 2015 in the national press. In upper class Notting hill, London. A 23 year old gardener was killed in a hit and run accident, when he alighted from his van and was struck by a £120,000 super-car, a Silver Continental GT Bentley (which is a very high end vehicle indeed). This happened around midnight and witnesses reported that 'Two topless men had fled the scene' .... police later arrested one man ( I presumed it was the owner of the car).

And that is all that was in the report .....

However this leaves the reader with a myriad of questions .... some of which I am even unsure how to record. But the topless bit at least raises a few eyebrows. A we talking 'doing a Gillian Taylforth?' ....

Romanian Muscle Man .....

So I decided to delve a little bit deeper to try and find out the rest of the tale. And a sordid little tale of our times emerged ... the man arrested and charged with dangerous driving was a Romanian body-builder, George Claudiu Albu, he was also charged with causing death by driving a vehicle not in accordance with licence and while uninsured, and failing to stop at the scene of a collision.

In other words this man and his accomplice, were driving a car at high-speed (onlookers estimated 50, 60 or even 70 mph in a 30 mph zone), with no driving licence, no insurance and then driving off after killing someone. He later abandoned the vehicle as it was unfit to drive. He is apparently an eastern European type 'millionaire', who can't be arsed to obey our laws and whom no one bothered to force to obey our laws. He lives in a £1million flat with a woman who is understood to be his wife ... his source of income is so far undisclosed, but at 31 and with those muscles (he was a keen member of a gym on Moscow Road, Bayswater), that source must be open to some conjecture ... no doubt it will come out in the trial.

However, it simply begs the question how many others are driving our streets with no insurance, and no licence (yet another by product of the EU). Well the figures fluctuate wildly:

  • Half a million motorists driving without insurance ... these are those caught and who have received penalty points for driving without insurance over the past three years
  • The number of such cars on the UK roads is estimated to have fallen from about 2 million in 2005 to 1.2 million now
Or another source says there are 1.4million uninsured drivers on UK roads, which put another way, means that in some areas, up to 30% of car drivers are uninsured, with 1 in 10 claiming not to know that they have to be .... many of these areas are highly concentrated on certain postcode areas in cities such as Birmingham, or Bradford, or Manchester, and Wolverhampton. All are listed as amongst the worst areas for uninsured drivers. Incidences ranging from 17% to over 30%.

Uninsured Hotspots ... UK

Critics say the problem is being made worse because the fines dished out by courts are just ‘a fraction’ of the cost of car insurance – which can top £2,000 for a high risk or younger driver. But whatever the reasons, the UK is reported as having amongst the highest numbers of uninsured drivers in Western Europe.

As for unlicensed drivers . well again its estimates but it ranges from 1 in 40 drivers, to 5 million, with one in five of the foreign motorists stopped at random in a police crackdown on nearly 5 million 'rogue' drivers, found to be in breach of UK motoring law, according to a Government report.This level of offending among foreign drivers is nearly double that for UK drivers.

Our entire system is simply breaking down under the pressure of uncontrolled migration .... when I shuffle of this mortal coil, I simply won't recognise the land I was born into.


  1. A friend in the building trade told me that many of the East European sparkies! Gas fitters and plumbers doing work here are unqualified to do so. They are not even qualified in there own country's but no one checks it out when they turn up here. He reckons it's just a matter of time before there is a major scandal over this.

    1. Actually I can well believe your friend. We tend to take people at their words in the UK, that may have to become a casualty of 'vibrant multiculturalism'.

    2. Actually in London there are polish car mechanics whose qualifications are by word of mouth. So that ties the story up when you think about it.

    3. I should imagine there are many examples, many from all over the place. Thanks HK

  2. George Albu aged 32 was given 8 years for causing death by dangerous driving and having no licence or insurance. Does not seem enough for what was basically murder.

    1. Thanks for the update. your right not enough for taking a life.


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