Friday, 27 November 2015

Labours Wets

No one can ever claim that the (far?) left would be shy about their triumph in reclaiming the Labour Party leadership again, after decades in the political wilderness.

Of course, they have apparently learnt little in the years since Michael Foot led the party into the wilderness. So rather than recalling the lessons of their own party history, and not repeating those mistakes, they seem hell bent on the idea that they are picking up the tattered red flag of socialism, found lying stricken on a battlefield, and waving it from the ramparts again (no doubt with the sound track of the "The Red Flag" in the background).

The Peoples Flag Is Deepest Red ....

All very idealistic and no doubt inspiring, but totally stupid.

That particular war was lost decades ago. The world has moved on since the 1970's, and even in those states that are nominally socialist (North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China et al), the 'socialist' system has often degenerated into a form of one party dictatorship, with little pretence of 'socialist ideals':

(a) So either a dictatorship (elected or otherwise) state, with socialist trimmings on top of free market economies e.g. China and Cuba, or

(b) State attempts to divert a free market using price fixing or market interference, that just results in shortages or hidden hyper-inflation e.g. Venezuela, or

(c) Just a straight 'socialist' heredity leadership system that suffers eternal shortages and famines e.g. North Korea

But even so, the speed with which the Labour Party has veered onto the new course is breathtaking .... JC himself has already had a few well publicised issues, with the national anthem, the privy council and other things such as CND .... and now over UK forces fighting in Syria, where he has repeated publicly in a letter to his MP's, that he will not change the party position to not back any troops or war planes going to Syria.

However on top of his own views on issues, his acolytes have not refrained from emphasising their control over the party machine and patronage, either:

Diane Abbot, is well, being herself ... and as JC's ex-lover, and therefore unchallenged queen bee of both the JC cheerleaders and the shadow cabinet/ party leadership, and my how my, how she is laying it on with a trowel:

Unexpected Successes Can Change Everything ......

She recently insisted that the shadow cabinet was not entitled to vote down the Labour leader, and that she believed they would come to the "right decision" over Syria .... the right decision, presumably being to do as Jeremy wants. But just in case any of the 'wets' (to borrow a term from the Thatcher years), don't yet fully realise what the position is now, she added that  

"I know what views party members will take if MPs ignore the views of the people at the grass roots and try and take this issue to the brink. Jeremy appoints the shadow cabinet - not the other way round. You cannot have a shadow cabinet voting down the leader of the Labour Party who has just been elected with the biggest mandate in history." .... bang, bang.

She must be really loving this role. What revenge she is in the position to inflict for all those patronising sneers and slights from those other 'wimmin of the left' in previous years. We shall see how that all unfolds.

John McDonnell, has been seen waving and quoting from Chairman Mao's 'little red book' in the House of Parliament .... as if the economic thoughts of a man who killed hundreds of millions of his own citizens with 'the great leap forward' are actually relevant to any sensible democrat ... he later claimed he was being humorous.

Finally, former London Mayor and Left Wing Labour MP, Ken Livingstone, has gone on TV and said that "When Tony Blair was told by the security services, 'if you go into Iraq, we will be a target for terrorism', and he ignored that advice, and it killed 52 Londoners."

When challenged that surely it was the suicide bombers fault, not the ex Labour Prime ministers ... he restated that the challenger should "Go and look what they put on their website. They did those killings because of our invasion of Iraq. They gave their lives, they said what they believed, they took Londoners lives in protest against our invasion of Iraq. And we were lied to by Tony Blair about Iraq, there were no weapons of mass destruction."

Which no matter how many times you re-read that (even with eyes squinted) still reads as if;

(a)  Because suicide murder bombers put it on their website it must be true.
(b)  Because they killed themselves while committing mass murder, it is a legitimate form of protest
(c)  Ipso Facto ... it must be our own fault .... or at least all Tony Blair’s.

There can be no longer any argument that the knives are drawn, and that internecine warfare is breaking out, as decades of grudges and hostility are being revenged .... the left always did prefer internal coups and putsches, to the slog of real power.


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    1. You welcome .... I am not proprietorial on them.


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