Friday, 20 November 2015

The Real Refugees

On the very day that the French were in a state of national shock over the murder of of over 125 people (with hundreds more wounded) by Islamic terrorists, the BBC was running another of its interminable pro-refugee stories.

This one, was illustrated by an image of what Scotland was about to receive on its first 'refugee charter flight' .... Take a good look at the picture.

The Real Faces Of The 'Refugee' Crisis?

..... gone are the pictures of cute children, or the heart rending images of dead babies, used previously to set the pro-refugee agenda of the last few months.

Instead its a picture of an endless stream of Muslim men, all in the age range 16 to 35 .... fighting age. Single males whose opinions on Western society and women, has been set in the Middle East or by viewing pornography. This is the true face of the refugees entering Europe this year (or any year).... 90% single men who share nothing with our culture and may even despise us.

If this was only going to affect Scotland, well then if that's what they and their SNP rulers wanted, then I guess that would be their look out, but of course ironically we are still in the United Kingdom.

So of course these men will all most likely head to England (London or other large Muslim centres of population), within a few weeks arrival in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Wherever they end up, will likely see a spike in crimes, as these largely unemployable and possibly criminal men (we carry out no background checks on these men, and they are not asked their degree status), start to prey on the community.  

Pandora's box has been well and truly opened.


  1. Checkout the rape figures in sweden to see what this all means.

    1. Yeah I had read that Sweden had sex crime issues. But, in fairness not any particular attributions. Thanks for the comment though.


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