Friday, 20 November 2015

Fatboy Not Slim

The US obesity epidemic is still getting worse. Despite some quite serious efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle (not least by the Obama's who are models of fitness), the fact is that the land of 'free top ups', 'quarts of coke', 'double quarter pounders', and dinner plates you could run a car on, is seeing the rates of obesity rise relentlessly.

Fit First Family ... Not Role Models

The issue had first raised concerns in the 1980's, but it seemed that it had started levelling off in about 2004 ... however dough boy has apparently regained the upper hand, and obesity levels are reported as a whopping 38% in 2013-14, up from about 32% a decade ago.

Women, for various reasons (such as cooking the family food), are showing worst rates than men ... with obesity prevalence found to be much higher for adult women than adult men - 38% compared to 34.3% across all races.

Once again its the Asians (Orientals I believe, not Indians or Muslims), in the USA who have performed best (as they do for intelligence and school attainments), with an obesity rate of just 11%, while non-Hispanic black and Hispanic adults and youth, are experiencing higher rates of obesity than their white counterparts. The worst performing group (sadly rather predictably) was Black US women, who at a titanic 57% obesity rate, were breaking all records.

Dough Boy A Role Model For Too Mnay ....

The excuses of all this lardiness was that 'Socio-economic' forces determine the health status of any group of people ... so black Americans are least well educated, and the poorest, so therefore the fattest.

Those fat Mexicans had better watch out ...


  1. Speaking of education ; I heard, just last night, that a "1/3 pounder" never caught on in the States because it was thought to be smaller than a "1/4 pounder" due to the fact that 3 is not as big as 4 !!
    If true, that would be one argument against educating the potentially obese.

    1. Funny if true .... which perhaps also ties in with the results. i.e. Poorly educated Black Americans performing worst, and well educated Oriental Asians the best for obesity levels. So the "1/3 pounder" would most likely have confused the biggest proposed consumer group for large portions.

    2. You Brits ain't got nothing to be smug about. bad teeth, bad breath and bad bodies. You should put your own house in order before looking to the USA.

    3. Your probably right there buddy. But until we are world contenders I have to comment as I find the facts when I write the posts. Thanks for comment though.

  2. Bear Grylls takes President Obama and 40 secret service men on a US survival trek on UK TV this Sunday. So he is fit for a middle aged guy.


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