Friday, 13 November 2015

The Secret Life Of Your House

I recently had cause to be at home for 2 days doing an on-line training course. As discussed before on this blog 'working from home' is not a regular occurrence for me, but as the course was from a third party provider, there was more sense in doing it from home (rather than at my work desk) to cut down interruptions. So with TV and radios firmly switched off (I don't fool myself on my powers of concentration if there are distractions about), I started work at 08:30am on the first day.

Working From Home - Victorian Style

The front door bell went ~ Electric meter reading guy ~ back to work, front door bell went ~ Gas meter reading guy ~ back to work, front door bell went ~ 'Would I like my trees pruned?' "No Thanks" ~ back to work, front door bell went ~ 'Would I like to buy compost (local farmer)?' "No Thanks" ~ back to work and so on all day.

The second day was almost as bad ..... "Could I sign for a parcel for number 50?" 'OK', and sundry other callers, ranging from the postman, through letterbox stuffers, and charity workers, to a lady selling (or rather trying to dump a 'returnable cleaning sample' catalogue through my letterbox before I intercepted and stopped her).

In all, there were over a dozen door visits in the two days I was in the house.

Oddly I will be off work for a longer period than usual at Christmas, as I am using up annual leave that we are not allowed to carry over and that has to be used up by December 31st. So I am now expecting it to be a somewhat busier holiday period than I expected, judging by this two days.

What struck me about all of this, was how active your accommodation driveway or front door can be while you are out of the house ..... a CCTV camera might well be an eye opener for some people who live on roads they think are quiet.

Not All Cold Callers Are Innocents ....

It was almost a relief to go back to work ........ but I can't help wondering who is calling at my door.


  1. Reading this made me wonder of I should get a Web cam

    1. Well it can't do any harm and may even be enlightening .... thanks for the comment.

  2. I have been off for just 3 days so far and had leaflets and mail but no doorbell ringers. However the number of leaflet callers in a day is surprising. So all in all your right, the number of people with an excuse to come to your door is surprising.

    1. Must be great to have a gated estate drive .... bang, no callers LOL. Thanks for the comment.


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