Friday, 20 November 2015

Last Word Until Next Time

In the wake of yet another Islamic terrorist outrage in Europe, we are being spoon fed a plateful of platitudes, by politicians and broadcasters who don't realise how hollow their words are increasingly sounding ... these are mixed up with yet another round of 'solidarity' displays, some soul searching about why Muslims keep doing this, and public anger that we have to tolerate it. For instance:

Politicians Platitudes

David Cameron, who is increasing looking like a weak vacillator if ever there was one, says that we must 'show resolve' .... what does that mean? We need some action on halting all Muslim immigration e.g. No more arranged marriages with south Asian countries (it’s not allowing any integration to occur and feels increasingly like an invasion), and not some meaningless drivel about 'showing resolve' ... would Churchill have been so weak?

Jeremy Corbyn .... well what can you say about his rather mealy mouthed contribution about attacks on the ‘vibrant multicultural cities that we all love’, and a suggestion that using drones in Syria on terrorists like jihadi john, was illegal and that terrorists should be “held to account” for their crimes, so it would have been “far better” if he had been arrested and charged .... I am not always sure he is on the same planet as I am.

President Barack Obama, never a man to miss a sound bite, called it "an attack on all humanity" ... which is pretty much what he also said when the Charlie Hebdo attack took place last January (less than a year ago). He is becoming a shadow man as his terms in office end.

President Hollande, who was full of fraternal Bullsh*t, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when he simply appealed to members of the public to 'be vigilant' (sounds a bit like calling for 'resolve'), is now finally waking up and smelling the coffee .... This time he declared Friday night's attacks in Paris as "an act of war by Daesh [Islamic State]", and then launched bombs on Raqqa in Syria. Unfortunately, that’s a bit like a drunk lashing out at passerby’s, to get revenge for a slight suffered earlier in the day. The problem for France is inside the country ....

And finally Angela Merkel, the architect of many of the political strains that the EU is under, confined her comments to sympathy for the victims, their families and all the residents of Paris. Not much cop from the cockpit of Europe and its new Bismark, who is trying to weather a storm she created when she played the 'mother merkel' card once too often, by inviting in millions of migrants into Europe.

So as usual, the EU is in full hand wringing mode, and effectively telling us that we the citizens have to live with a gun to our heads all our lives as it’s a 'generational struggle', but that it will say and do nothing about the millions of Muslims pouring into the continent year on year.

The danger is that on this one subject, the people are moving ever to the right, while the political professionals are moving to the left ... in other words public opinion is moving in the opposite direction to where the political elite are trying to go. The plain fact is that the more than 27,000 terrorist attacks globally have been directly connected to Islam since the 9/11 attacks, or more than five a day (as counted by, a fact which everyone, but the political elite are very well aware of.

9/11 of course stands out (if only because it set off a chain of events that are still reverberating across both the Western and Islamic worlds), but many other similar attacks have been both high profile, and aimed at the West – the Bali bombings for Australia, the rail road bombing for Spain, the Beslan school massacre for Russia, the 7/7 bombings in Britain. the Boston Marathon bombing in the US again, the murder of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands, and the Charlie Hebdo office in France .... with how many more to come?

However when it comes to the establishment (such as politicians, the police, the media such as the BBC, and the 'race professionals' in academia and elsewhere), these acts of violence are often viewed very differently. The establishment seemingly live in a bubble of public denial, in which they feel compelled to pretend that Islam has no role in the violence, and that its just a small percentage of Muslims who hold these views. Whether this is to try and not cause even more problems or not, it sends out the wrong (and very contrary to public opinion), message to both those likely to be future victims, and those planning future attacks.

Support For Attacks Is Not Insignificant

However its just flying in the face of facts ... for instance after the 'Charlie Hebdo' attack in January 2015, 27% of British Muslims questioned afterwards said that there was a justification for the attacks .... over 1 in 4.

The establishment respond to the public's concerns by (like Merkel), encouraging more immigration from the Middle East or South Asia, and instituting more "anti hate speech" laws to suppress any criticism of Islam .... they can't get it through their heads, that there is not a mysterious "violent extremist" virus that afflicts only Muslims, and that prompts them to engage in sudden unplanned acts of horrific violence.

A liberal former governor of Vermont USA, described the Charlie Hebdo jihadis as: " .. about as Muslim as I am." .... really? Does that apply to all the other Muslims involved in the 27,000 worldwide Islamic terrorist attacks? ... they are Muslims, more violent than normal admittedly, but their views are agreed with by around 25% of all the UK's Muslims, and I would like to bet the same support levels or higher, exist in the Muslim populations of every Western country.

This constant denial of this reality, and the impact of the policies being followed is what's eroding support for the EU ... Donald Tusk, President of the European Union, and as old a style federalist as you are likely to find, spends more time worrying that 'Europe’s internal open borders are collapsing', than why that might be the wrong thing to worry about. He even suggests that David Cameron's suggested timid reforms to keep Britain in the European Union, might be a tough ask .... well Donald, keeping Britain inside at any cost is something the EU needs to do or its finished. Brexit inside two years, could cause the whole house of cards to collapse.

It all reminds me of 'Lone Watie' the old Cherokee Indian chief in the Clint Eastwood movie 'The Outlaw Josie Wales' ..... He recounts that after the white man has stolen all their lands by 'sneaking up on us for years', they complained to the US President, who told them that they should 'Endeavour to persevere’.... "We thought about it for a long time, 'Endeavour to persevere'. And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union. ... we lost"

This is my last word on all of this this week, but sadly only until next time.

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