Friday, 6 November 2015

Chundering Airways

Never mind 'snakes on planes', surely the worst flight you could have been on was that which took place on a US Airways flight on the 6th December 2014, between Israel’s Ben Gurion airport and Philadelphia USA.

Having A Bad Flight Day?

It was forced to make an emergency diversion to Rome after a strange but repellent illness, struck down both the crew and some passengers. It began when the crew started noticing whiffs of a strange odour shortly after take-off, but a little while into the flight the smell became pervasive and filled the cabin.

Vomiting Can Be Contagious

Cabin crew started vomiting uncontrollably, and soon a chain reaction of chundering developed, as first one then another of the cabin crew, were doubled over and unable to stop vomiting, and adding to the chaos.

Within minutes of the outbreak, the plane reeked to the smell and echoed to the sounds of almost the entire cabin crew throwing up in the aisles and toilets, some uncontrollably, turning the flight into a vomit soaked nightmare from hell. At its height, 14 crew members and 2 passengers were unable to stop retching, and many other passengers were complaining of extreme nausea ... some were later taken to hospital for treatment in Rome.

The cause of the smell and the outbreak were not reported, although engineers investigated, but it was apparently not the first time something like this had happened, although whether from the same causes is not clear. It seems that on each occasion its been the Airbus A330 or A320 that has been affected.

Kinda brings new meaning to the expression 'Sick Of Flying' ..... do you know what, I never eat airline food anymore.


  1. Such incidents are the cost of travelling in an aluminium tube kilometres up in the air, and you're much more likely to live to tell the tale of your voyage than were it in a train or a car.

    1. Whatever next ... they'll be shooting those aluminium tubes to the moon. Oh wait ....

      Actually I do have along story about an electric train in Scotland, which involves all the elements of this one, and a lot lot more. I may post it up one time.

      Thanks as usual Vroomfondel for all the comments .... makes posting worthwhile.

  2. Its started again. Two American Airways jets made emergency landings this week after a 'mysterious illnesses' broke out. One plane, flight 904 from Rio to Miami, was diverted to Brasilia after three crew and a passenger were struck down. This was just one day after a flight from Heathrow saw 15 people fall ill. I believe that it was Airbuses again.


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