Friday, 27 November 2015

Stupidest Story Of The Week

A DNA study finds that London was ethnically diverse from start .... Wow .... Fecking Hell .... who woulda thunk it!.

Romans Too White For Some Modern Tastes .....

When the city of Londinium was built from scratch by the Romans, the people who lived in it first, came from somewhere else in the Roman Empire, because well, where else would they have comes from?

In fact whenever a new town is built from scratch, the inhabitants must come from elsewhere, and therefore the population will always be 'diverse from the first'. In the case of an empire like the Romans, the inhabitants of a frontier town are invariably soldiers, soldiers wives, traders and public servants, all gathered from around the empire.

So yes, they would likely be ethnically diverse (although, despite the BBC spin, not that diverse .... North Africa wasn't Negro African nor Arab in those times), analysis of of one female skeletons DNA and the chemicals in her teeth, showed that she grew up in North Africa. Her mitochondrial DNA lineage (passed down on the maternal line only), is common in Southern and Eastern Europe. The teenager had blue eyes, and yet according to the story, there were things about her skeleton that 'suggested some she had Sub-Saharan African ancestry' ..... really?

Southern European with blue eyes ... but if you go back far enough, out of Africa? .... aren't we all? I mean we all should have some suggestions of Sub-Saharan African ancestry as the human race is Out of Africa ... Lucy and all that. So North Africans would and should show that heritage.

As for the other skeletons examined, one was also from North Africa (but also with 'African traits ' BBC / PC talk for some sub-Saharan Negroid features as well - see my earlier comment ), one was from Britain, and the other from the Balkans.

What PC/Multicultural tosh ..... why do we have to spin and debase history, to make ordinary facts match meet PC requirements now?


  1. Humans have 23 pairs of chromasomes, that's less than a potatoe.

    1. Not a lot of people know that, but possibly many potatoes do.


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