Friday, 26 April 2013

Cunning Plans

If you can't 'pull a sickie', then you need a 'Cunning Plan B' ........So what better than a scheme to turn up late (or not at all), but still clock on early every day?

Impossible you say .... well your not a bunch of medical staff in Brazil, who created silicon 'fingers' with their finger prints on them, and got an office worker (who did turn up on time), to 'clock on' for them, by using the silicon finger prints to fool the time-clock scanner.

Silicon Fingers with Finger Prints

A++ for cunning plans, and also of immense interest to ATM criminals no doubt.

In the meantime, the town of Ferraz de Vasconcelos's mayor, Acir Fillo, said that when the scam was uncovered, a police investigation showed that some 300 public employees in the areas of 'health, education and security', aka 'Ghost Employees', had been receiving pay without going to work in his town.

Ghost Employees Are A Curse Of Third World Economies

Its widely believed to be a common practise across Brazil ..... a bit like Greece and Italy for example, where this practise was widely reported in anecdotal tales.

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