Friday, 5 April 2013

What's Good For The Goose

Interesting that in a report by the BBC on the erosion of women's rights in Tunisia, they described the Islamist, Salafist hard-liners as wearing "the garb of the conservative Salafist Islamists - long beard, skull cap and a thobe" ....... oddly the very same BBC says nothing about the increasing number of women wearing the full face veil, in areas such as Bolton, Preston, Manchester, Blackburn, Bradford, Luton and London etc .... driven presumably by the also increasing number of men being seen wearing the 'long beard, skull cap, and a thobe' of the conservative Salafist Islamists, on the streets of those same cities.

Salafists In The UK - Good For Britain?

Why is one deemed as a very real threat to 'women's rights' in Tunisia, and the other as 'multiculturalism' and therefore great for the UK? It's this kind of PC driven schizophrenia, that drives the rest of us who are not infected with PC ideology, mad.

The BBC should represent the values of rationalism and the European enlightenment, and not 7th century backward misogynist attitudes, scraped over with a thin veneer of being 'cultural' to hide its intent.

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  1. Good point .... there are dual standards at play here.


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