Friday, 12 April 2013

Little Big Man

I know that the imminent end of the world (well Japan, both the Korea's and bits of China), in a burst of nuclear fire should be concentrating my mind ..... but its kinda hard to really take the mad dogs in North Korea seriously ..... especially after the movie "Team America".

Any Kim il divine leader

But they really don't help themselves ...... check out the North Korean female border guards .....

Lady Soldiers In High Heels

Of course you don't have to look far to see where this fashion for stacked heels came from .....

The Great Leaders Liked Those Extra Inches

It's hard not to laugh ..... unless your in one of their 'Labour Camps'.


  1. Whats possibly stranger is that they appear to have Bugs Bunny with a machine gun in the immediate background.

    What a strange land that must be, and what a strange view of the world they will have when they finally get rid of the tyrants who rule them.

    1. Sorry about not replying ... I am more diligent these days. Perhaps the lady's were photographed on their day off in the local kiddy's park? Who knows in a regime like that? Belated thanks for the comment.


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