Friday, 19 April 2013

Telling It As It Is

This Blog's favourite ex-communist and freedom fighter, Jose Mujica, El Presidenti of Uruguay was caught up in one of those 'open microphone' gaffes that seem to afflict so many politicians all around the world. Many have been caught like this, and famously in the UK, Prime Minister Gordon Brown was caught in one such incident with another old lady.

What makes this so funny is that the subject of his injudicious comments was none other than the Conquistador President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, whom he referred to as an "old hag", when he was overheard saying that "This old hag is even worse than the cross-eyed man."

The Freedom Fighter, The Old Hag and The Cross Eyed Man

..... this second reference was apparently to Ms Fernandez's husband, ex President Nestor Kirchner of Argentina who had a lazy eye.

He has been forced to apologise, but rather belatedly (which is what you would expect from a man shot 14 times by the police) ..... he has offered "heartfelt apologies" and claimed the quip was a result off his "rough language skills" ..... Yeah, right!

I have to say that everything I hear about this man makes me like him even more ..... a real man of the people, who tells it like it is.

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