Friday, 4 October 2013

American Cougar Strikes

Following on from my ‘Man Kills Bear with bare hands’ story  ….. one which I may add was scoffed at in some quarters, here’s a tale of a man killing a wild cougar with a spear in North America.

Apparently his common law partner was doing a spot of gardening in her cabin garden on a remote island off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and had bent down, exposing her back, which of course is a classic come on for a big cat attack and it turned out that there was a cougar on the edge of her property. I once went into an enclosure with some Cheetahs cubs which had been hand reared, and was told that although friendly – they were both purring - and would never hurt me, ‘more likely lick you too death’, I must never bring my head lower than theirs, or turn my back or they would pounce, as this was a trigger mechanism which they couldn’t stop.

Big Cat Warnings Aren't For Nothing

It attacked, probably after her back was turned and she brought her head down, thus making her ‘prey’ … she struggled and screamed, and her male partner came rushing out armed with a ‘native spear’ which had presumably been on the cabin wall. He drove the cougar off and later a cougar that had died from stab wounds was found in the bushes approximately 65 feet from the scene of the attack.

Cougars Are Big Cats

The woman is in a serious but stable condition, and oddly locals are saying that this may be the first recorded instance of a cougar being driven off or killed by a man with a spear (I assume this excludes all the native Americans who may have done so, but not had TV crews to report on the event.) … although in popular parlance these days the term ‘cougars’ is applied to man hungry females who are past the first bloom of youth, and many of them will also have been attacked with pointy things over the years ….. LOL    

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