Friday, 25 October 2013

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

'Stolen by gypsies' ... A European classic charge against the Roma and a staple of dark fairy tales seems to have suddenly gained legs. A blonde girl child known as 'Maria' has been 'rescued' by Greek police, and DNA evidence has led to them charging her Roma 'parents' with kidnap. This story revives memories of all those European fairy tales, about children stolen by gypsy folk, and now all of a sudden these tales, long dismissed as myth, seem suddenly to have a basis in truth, as indeed most fairy tales have.

Maria - Stolen By Gypsies

But of course, just when this story looked to be about to allow the tabloids months of fun examining every Roma family for 'stolen children', the story took a new and probably fatal (from a tabloid news point of view) turn, when it was declared that DNA tests had confirmed that a Bulgarian 'Roma' couple, were her biological parents .... and that all those blonde children being taken from their 'parents' in other Roma encampments, including in Eire, were all 'Roma' as well .... if not all with their biological parents. Now watch this story 'die' real fast .... Maria who? by the end of next week.

Of course this is all muddied in the UK by the 'Maddy McCann' case, because a British paedophile on his deathbed, apparently told his family that 'Maddy' had been "stolen to order" by a gypsy gang, apparently for begging purposes. But the fact that the story's happening at all, is to suddenly see that gypsies were, and are, still so disliked across all of central Europe. But with thousands of Roma pouring in to Greece every summer - 'traffic light' children run by Roma begging masters, are a common sight - there is not likely to be an end of this hatred any time soon.

What a strange world we are in where a scourge of child theft, trafficking, begging gangs, and slavery is seemingly occurring again in Europe, and that up until now an official 'blind eye' has been turned, and how strange that despite the gypsy gangs from Bulgaria etc pouring into London on organised theft and begging trips, often with children imported for the purpose, we still can't deport them en-mass, or stop their entry into the UK.

So how do you solve a problem like Maria? ....... Why you ignore it if she's a 'Roma'.

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