Friday, 25 October 2013

Made In Britain

There are times when what we produce in our society is just excruciatingly embarrassing .... as anyone who has been abroad, and seen British teens despoiling the seaside resorts of European countries with their drunken behaviour can testify.

However the 'Chav Culture' that has been breeding for the last 50 years on the council estates of the UK, may have reached a new low, when returning from a 'holiday' in Malta (it makes you cringe what he and his fat girlfriend may have got up to on the trip), a 52-year-old man - got drunk on the plane, and started abusing fellow travellers - tried to start a fight, and needed the Captain to warn him before he 'calmed down'.

Made In Britain - A Working Class Hero

However not content with this ruination of everyone's flight, this fat, bald headed, pot bellied, charmer, decided to restart his antics when the plane started to disembark, and started removing his clothes on the runway, before his female companion slapped him across the face. Undaunted, this working class hero stumbled around the airport tarmac in only a pair of black underpants, before he took these off, and urinated against a wall.

He then dressed, and casually entered Manchester Airport, where the police (eventually, if he had been a terrorist he would have had a field day), challenged him, then 'Dry Tasered' (aka "Drive Stun") him, where the Taser is held against the target, but without firing the projectiles, the jolt is intended to cause pain, without fully incapacitating the target, and then arrested him on 'suspicion of being drunk and disorderly in a public place'..... only suspicion of being drunk, or disorderly .... what do they need, a written confession?

And what was the penalty for this little bit of holiday 'fun'? He was issued with a 'Fixed Penalty Notice'. ..... which is a small fine. I'll bet his neighbours were pleased to see him back ...... and they wonder why so many are fleeing this demi-paradise.

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