Friday, 25 October 2013

UK's 14 Year Old Sex Offender

This is the face of what was thought to be one of the youngest 'Sex Beasts' in the UK. It was issued by the Manchester Police force who were appealing for anyone who recognised the e-fit of the boy, who they thought was aged about 12 to contact them. Yes aged just 12! As usual they made little or no effort to enhance the picture and so not really maximising the chances of catching the suspect ..... so I have shown below how they could be issued.

And as the descriptions in the news story seemed to not entirely match the photo issued -

  • "Described as a young boy, aged about 12, who wore green jeans and glasses".
  • "Approached by two young boys and sexually assaulted by one of them. He was described as being of Asian heritage, aged 12 to 13, of slim build and wearing baggy trousers and carrying a rucksack".

- I produced some alternative versions - if nothing else but to illustrate, how I would issue these identity pictures (a subject I have addressed occasionally before). I also find the description 'Asian heritage' another piece of PC driven multicultural nonsense - they don't even say the colour - for fear of 'offending' the race nutters out there. Its like when the BBC say "police are looking for a 6ft man of stocky build", and then fail to mention if he's White, or Black or Asian ..... apparently because its considered racist in some quarters to actually describe a criminal in a way which might get them caught.

UK's 14 Year Old Sex Offender?

He was obviously considered a very serious threat to women because the attacks were on busy streets, and in the daylight (normally his apparent age would stop any public mention - so don't expect pictures after he's caught) .... he was getting more brazen, and would probably have committed a rape if not caught, and as he seems to have recruited 'a little friend' in his venture - probably to bolster his courage, and partially share the responsibility, it was imperative he was caught..

Needless to say it was reported that he was rounded up on Monday, and it turned out that he was actually 14 .... not quite as shocking as 12, but still very bad. An 18-year-old man was also bailed in connection with the assaults .... as usual, the teenager cannot be named for legal reasons, so these pictures may be the closest anyone gets to seeing this little 'beast'.

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