Friday, 7 June 2013

Bear Mountain Man

If you go down to the woods today, your sure of a big surprise ...... well at least if your a shepherd in Bosnia Herzegovina.

According to news reports, Blažo Grković, a 48 yr old shepherd from the mountainous region near Foča in the Foča Region of the Republika Srpska, was looking after his flock when  they were attacked by a Brown Bear. The shepherd leapt into action and defended himself and his flock, but he was unarmed ..... now considering that I have already posted before about how dangerous bears can be - especially for armed terrorists, one would have expected this to end only one way.

Brown Bears Are Big Animals

But unarmed as he was, he gave the angry bear a 'Bear Hug' and managed to strangle it with his bare hands, even though it was raking him with its claws and trying to bite him. Afterwards he told police and reporters "I grabbed it round the throat and squeezed and squeezed until it collapsed". He was later treated for deep cuts and bruises, but was otherwise unhurt.

Mountain Man Kills Bear Bare Handed

They breed them tough in the mountains .....


  1. No way!? I don't want to minimise this guy's feat but it had to be a small brown bear, surely.

    1. The story was all over the web ... there's even You Tube film. I didn't show a picture of a dead bear as I can do with out 'animal lovers' giving me grief. None of the stories said it was a small bear.

  2. He used an ax, and almost cut off The bear's head, actually.

    1. Thanks for that Sandro ... the versions of the story I saw didn't mention any axe.


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