Friday, 28 June 2013


According to press reports a gentleman from the Midlands area of the UK rang the police using the 999 emergency only number, after the escort/prostitute he had booked, turned out to be ‘uglier’ than expected – apparently he told the police that

"I've arranged a meeting with her, but beforehand I've asked her for an honest description, otherwise when I get there I'm not going to use her services. Basically she has mis-described herself, misrepresented herself totally.” He wanted her prosecuted for ‘breaching the Sale of Goods Act’.

Would You?

He then said that after he told her to her face that she wasn’t good lucking enough, she took his car keys, ran away from the car and threw them back at him … it was then that he called 999.

"She was angry because she obviously thinks I owe her a living or something".

The more (or less) discerning amongst you may have noted that in fact she was committing no criminal offence (until the transaction took place), whether under criminal or civil law such as the ‘Sale of Goods Act 1979’, under which he based his complaint.

He however was breaching the law by soliciting a prostitute for sex, and as he was stupid enough to use his mobile phone to complain, he was traced and Despite the man refusing to give his details, police were able to identify him and the Police have sent him a letter warning him about his actions.


  1. That's another one for Mr.T and his collection of Fools.
    I don't think it was very nice to choose a picture of Sandra Bullock to illustrate this piece.

  2. I thought it was Ron Howard in drag!

    1. My votes with your Ron Howard. He was just on TV discussing 'Apollo 13' the event, not the movie.


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